• We're geeks with a passion for construction.

    Sad but true. Our background is in the sector. We understand where tech can take us and why.

  • We love doing new stuff, making a difference.

    Technology moves at a pace. We never stop looking and learning.

  • Our tech adds value, we don’t do gimmicks.

    Tech creates a wow. We like a bit of wow but not without a reason.

How can we help you?

Virtual Reality

Construction can benefit from a virtual world. When things go wrong it is costly. Augmented and virtually reality provides an opportunity to prototype and test continually.


As data grows, information needs to be visible quickly and easily. Apps provide a method to share patterns and progress.

Plug ins

Sometimes software doesn't do what we need. Bespoke plug ins simplify workflows and improve outputs.

Bespoke platforms

Our geeks love a challenge. Sometimes we have to find an answer which hasn't been thought of before.

The Geeks

Adam Ward

Technology Director

Adam is head geek. Coming from a background in architecture and experience in coding he understands the challenge but also how to find the answer.

Sean Hood

Applications Manager

Sean has a network and support background making him the perfect interface between coders and the outside world. He keeps the team on the right track so we deliver on our promises.

Rodel Amancio

Applications Developer

This is the web guy. Rodel has recently joined us from the Philippines and is an expert at building websites to the customers expectations.



The Warboard application provides a simple view of project co-ordination activity which gives a real-time view of progress. Initially developed for our sister company BIM technologies it has since progressed into commercial platform. Additional functionality has been added to include assigned tasks and monitoring across a project team.

BIMStore Eye

Augmented reality is playing an increasing role in construction and in particular in the specification of products. BIMstore eye is a bespoke application which allows specifiers to view 3D families on a mobile device.


Working with Invest Newcastle the SAT team designed a virtual experience for this international event in Cannes. The model showed development sites across in Newcastle. The HTC Vive headset was used to allow visitors to interact and move within the space. An accompanying application was created to allow the model to be viewed on Google cardboard.


As part of a continual development of their design tools, SAT worked with Metsec technical team to create a Revit plug in to help specifiers to design with Metsec design parameters.


The Iridis app is an assessment tool for dementia design developed by the University of Stirling and Space Architecture (Europe) Ltd. This app is based on the University of Stirling's Dementia Design Audit Tool, Cunningham et al (2011) and is intended for carrying out dementia design assessments of places where people live.

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